CHS Training in Gaziantep, Turkey

هل تريد إنشاء موقع؟ تجد مجانا وورد المواضيع والمكونات الإضافية.
Osman Consulting delivered a CHS training in Gaziantep between 9th – 11th of April 2018 for 30 selected trainees out of more than 121 applicants. The 30 participants represented some 15 Syrian organisations with wide reaching operations inside Syria and in Turkey. The training, delivered in Arabic language was a good introduction to CHS and other global standards such as SPHERE and INEE, which helped the trainees feel as part of a wider global movement with truly international experience being at hand. Participants read into and debated the nine commitments of the CHS and applied it to practical scenarios based on experiences through their organisations. As the conflict in Syria continues to produce humanitarian calamities, the training has highlighted the responsibility of individuals and organisations to ensure key industry standards are implemented for current and future projects.  
هل وجدت أبك لالروبوت؟ يمكنك العثور على جديد ألعاب الروبوت مجانا and apps.

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مجانا وورد المواضيع, ألعاب الروبوت مجانا
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